Since its beginning, Hood by Air was inspired by people who used space to create fantasies. Anonymous unites people to keep these fantasies alive.

Anonymous exists to be a machine for inspiration. A machine that brings dreams to life and shapes pop culture. Anonymous is a platform for sound and culture It is a machine for inspiration.

Anonymous helps artists create their work by helping them occupy their ideal world. We imagine a place where things are possible in order to make them more possible. We promote fantasies to inspire others, we make them real to inspire ourselves.
Anonymous has no single audience. It is about flexibility and being able to operate in a variety of cultural spaces. Sometimes this is about discrete projects for distinct purposes, sometimes its about doing two things at once. Anonymous was created in order to fill an empty space in culture. Anonymous operates instinctually, going where it feels needed and allowing ideas to evolve organically and become what they’re meant to be.
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