Anonymous is the circus, and residents are the performers. The coming project with Luma foundation is a way of complicating those identities. In order to put together an exhibition during the pandemic we assembled a series of stand ins. Avatars who will take the place of residents and activate the space through performance. Here, person persona and performer all mix together. Actors and dancers will imitate the residents and videos of their performances will further activate the space. Here, the residents themselves become a source of inspiration for movement and behavior - a reference for their own work.

By building the constituent parts or evidence of something before it's happened, we’re pushing further into character building and illusion. Ultimately the show will conclude with real performances, but until that time the space is occupied by ghosts and doppelgangers. When residents finally arrive, they will be forced to confront their own image and take on the challenge of outdoing their best work.

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Anonymous Club - Black Resident Tee

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One Size
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